It is my job to introduce you to special ways of connecting with nature for the benefit of yourself and the whole.  There is more on this under Natural Remedies.  I offer methods to relax and fire up the brain; both in your head and heart, centre yourself and make contact with your higher self.


In my paintings I portray the inside of the plants, their energies and create a link with them on another plane. Plants essences in particular can be incredibly supportive in many life issues,  especially on helping with emotions and releasing and resolving old issues.

I invite you to  experiment and do the exercises below.  Individually or, ideally,  if you have 15 minutes for yourself right now, all of them  in chronological order

1) How are you feeling on a scale of   0 – 10?

Hold your thumb for five whole minutes or start with three if five seems like an age. Set a timer!

And read the following:

… Breathe consciously and take in the air which is filled with information from the plants, stones, animals, unseen elements, matter around you…

… in … out … in … out …

As the minutes go by observe your thoughts, your body. Do not evaluate what comes to your awareness, just observe and breathe …

NOW – 5 (3) minutes up?  Where are you now on the scale from 1 – 10?

2) hug one middle finger with your other hand.

Look at this picture for a while, holding your finger as you do so …


Breathe in and out
And take this moment
for what it is
Come back
from where you
are going to
you are not there yet
See the silent unfolding
of a fern in the sunlight
Be the silent unfolding
of a fern in the sunlight
savour the moment

And at this picture, imagine it breathing with you…


Where are you now on the scale from 1 – 10?

3) Now stand up and sing a children’s’ song out loud – the first one that comes to mind –  preferably one with actions, do them!!

4) Study the picture below, hands in ‘prayer position’ infront of you.

sea thrift, sulphur, central nervous system, spine, alignment

let your eyes wander up and down the yellow line in the centre and breathe in (up) and out (down).

5) Breathe gently and look at the picture of pine for a while resting the fingers of one hand in the palm of the other.  Say ‘hello’ to it and ask it to support you.  Go on! No one is listening. Give thanks.


Curious?  This all may seem strange but how do you feel now – scale? How are your senses – do you see/hear/sense differently to before? Are you clearer in your mind, do you feel less stressed, angry….?  If so – welcome!  If you don’t perhaps you will be curious enough to try it again sometime.

Read more about me and my methodology, and follow this site.  Work in progress.

Looking forward to introducing you to more,

Nicola Jane Offner