Please read about my music under ‘Home’ and here are a couple of meditations to try. I keep adding new ones, so please watch this space!

PLEASE listen either with headphones on or with speakers as mobile and simple PC mikes don’t do them justice.

As these songs are more like meditations it is essential to make sure you come back into daytime consciousness after listening and please do not drive whilst hearing any of the following.


14th December 2022


Earth Heart/Meditation. I taped this last year at the winter solstice: an introductory ‘song’, instructions on meditating and then the full meditation. I invite you to give yourself 15 minutes of your time and relax into the music allowing yourself to paint pictures as you listen to the text and meditate. I taped this on my mobile in a cavern – hence the quality, please bear with me til I have gone more professional!


A Special Homecoming – 16 minutes to give yourself and your inner child a loving hug.


The Song of the Mountain – 6 Minutes.  Inspired by my favourite mountain at the moment, Hoch Kalter, Berchtesgaden, Germany.


Winter Solstice message for your inner flame

An example of a personal meditation The above is an example of music specially ‘written’ for someone, although he agrees the message is universal.

You can use my songs as part of your healing process, then they are especially effective with headphones on as the patterns made by the guitar have a soothing effect on the brain.
If you choose to use this music as part of your healing, repeated listening helps you go through a process and please listen to the words and let the emotions flow.

I continue to remain humbled and awed by what happens now I am able to step back entirely, lend my musical self to peoples’ inner healer* and also channel the advice and healing powers of their spirit guides to them through sound.

* please choose what resonates best with you: Higher self, inner healer, soul, divine self, super conscious mind… 

Do contact me if you are interested in receiving your own, personal music. I work on a donation basis. Send me an Email  and we can then arrange a phone call to go over the details.

I also paint to music.  This is a Bach suite which I painted to live cello music. I just let my hand move to the vibrations in the air, listen several times and the different layers (3 times/layers in this case) form in time to the music. I find it fascinating!