My Experience:  I had  acute Lyme’s Disease twice in one year last year and I’m sure I had it chronically for years, as well as being diagnosed with  PTSD. It forced me into finally taking my gift of talking to nature seriously.
Once I made the decision to do so there followed an absolutely amazing few months where I more or less gave up work to dedicate my time to healing myself and writing it all down. I was introduced to plants, animals, gemstones, metals, breathing methods and more to combat pain, enhance the effects of the remedies and moreover get down to the underlying ‘soul’ reason for my having it in the first place and finding a solution for it.
In a nut shell:  the very bacteria that were ‘making me ill’ were actually inviting me to transcend my whole life and asking me to let them join in, support me and transcend too.

The first plant I was introduced to was Wisteria:

Wisteria, as do all plants, contains certain substances, information that have multiple effects on us. Simply by sitting under her and inhaling her scent some of these substances can go through your brain barrier where receptors in the brain can then be altered, to put it very simply! She tells me she has an effect on collective themes. Certain old behavioral patterns can be deleted, putting an end to the triggering of memories and odd beliefs created by a mad society and ancestral patterns.


A kind of depot is formed when you take time to connect with plants and the  effect can be recalled later and set into motion simply by breathing in Wisteria in the following way.
Conscious Wisteria breathing – be aware of your body, of the space around you and breathe in for 3 seconds, gently, through your nose, mouth shut. Pause for one second. Breathe out through your open mouth, gently and steadily for 5 seconds. Pause for one second before you repeat the cycle.
So I invite you to, if it happens to be spring and you know of a flowering wisteria to go out and say hello. If it isn’t possible just now look at the above picture and connect silently with her. “Hello Wisteria! I’d like to connect please. I’d be grateful if you could support me and continue doing so as long as I need it” and breathe in and out a few times normally before you start the breathing pattern – and let your eyes wander up and down the painting as you do so. You can do this of course in nature too and also with good photographs… the pictures act as translators of a sort.

Humming a deep hum in your throat supports the body in removing old programming from the cells. Best of all find a bee to hum with!

Give thanks!

Plant and Crystal Essences    


Essences hold the pure vibration of  plants or other forms of matter – their “essence”. Not only do many plants contain substances beneficial to our physical health, on another level they can also help and support our psyche.  For years now flower and other essences have been becoming more and more popular and it is no long uncommon for hospitals to have Bach’s Rescue Remedy at hand.  In fact every flower, tree, stone… has a message and can help us in some way and there are now thousands of essences on the market.

 I started with Bach flower remedies and essential oils 30 years ago and stretched out my feelers from there.  My suggestion is you see which firms use your own indigenous plants ‘grown close to home’ and use them first. There are certain plants of course which only grow in other corners of the earth* and as we are ‘all one’ we may need their help too. Use your gut feeling when choosing your brands. Please use them with care and don’t over dose yourself – children respond especially sensitively to them and whilst they can,  in my experience, be an incredible help, they should be dosed with care as with anything else we injest.

Although I now find I can generally connect with plants etc simply by ‘being’  with them – and I am sure many young children have  not lost this ability –  various essences have been a profound support over the years and have helped me get to where I am now.


There are breathing patterns which you can adopt to connect with a plant and enhance its effect and asking for help also works – whether you believe it or not! If you say thank you afterwards or offer something as  thanks it is even more effective. In my opinion essences are a helping aid in the process of getting back to nature and at some point, sooner or later, we may all learn to ‘just’ connect with the helpers, by meditating with my pictures you also make contact in a different way.  Please try it!

May I suggest here that if you have a sensitive child, or are yourself becoming increasingly sensitive, please be aware of using homeopathic remedies, spagyrics etc. and even also flower essences especially when injesting them. They work on specific, alchemistic levels and I would try sitting a child next to a plant for a while first or letting it touch it (if it is not poisonous) before using these methods – contrary to popular belief these are potent medicines which should be used with sufficient knowledge and care. Try asking your child how it would ‘use’ the plant to get support – it may well surprise you! Do not laugh, learn from  and encourage it (within reason).  Sola dosis facit venenum.

I have two powerful essences one  ‘Heart’  Essence and the other for Pain Release (it can also be used to help release old trauma from the body as in TRE by helping you to shake).  Please contact me if you are interested.

*Follow these links:   Solange Carnerio is an amazing, compassionate  Brazilian lady who can send you and advise you on essences direct from the lung of the earth – the 
Aura Soma products from England are also one of my favourites  on a different level using herbs and gemstones as well as colours.
When it comes to essential oils I like Doterra  and Young Living oils best, they are incredibly fine and when you smell them the information goes straight to the brain. I tend to use them olfactorily but you can use them in the bath or creams. Again don’t play with them! The only essential oil you can really use safely neat is Lavendar oil( brilliant eg for burns). Get a book, research and take it seriously and then you will profit from them immensely.