I Created You
to walk on earth
with soft and bated breath
to wonder at the stars
and flowers
breathe in the air
and be
I created you
to touch and feel
fabrics, flowers and fire
to smell the scent of roses lingering
on the autumn air
and be
I created sunshine
to warm your heart
and butterflies to flutter by your smile
and light up your face
with the beauty they exude
and are
I created love
and people at your side
to abide with you
laugh and smile and sing
I created lovers
walking lanes heavy
with the scent of honeysuckle
to warm your soul
and rejoice in being
and be

It is all there
all here
at your fingertips
if you would care to sit a while
and watch and wait
and let the moment evolve
out of nothing
into nothing
out of every thing
into every thing
and simply be
Embrace this moment
embrace your Self
embrace the beauty
of the mist on the lake
the dewdrops
and the thousands of worlds
mirrored for you to see
Embrace what you can see
and what lies beyond
in the unknown land
beyond the corners of your horizon
created by your mind
We are at debt to one another
for the gifts
Give thanks
and be

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Dear Reader

I have a novel in a box; on paper, written in notebooks, on my lap top too. I have reams of poetry and stories and I have to get them ‘out there’.  I have hesitated for years because I do not want to seem weird, to own up to ‘hearing things’ when really it is so silly, for it is wonderful  that I can be so connected  and I know part of my purpose in life now is to help others to learn to do precisely that and to assist some people on their own path.

Last week I sat down and before I meditated I asked ‘up there’ for a job description and what I should do.  I am going to share what I heard with you, word for word.  As I said, I do not want to sound arrogant or odd and for precisely this reason I have held back for so long.  Now I’m outing myself:  I hear nature speak, I hear my higher self,  I hear God.  And? So can you! Listen to Spirit through my translations, and I invite you to experiment, relax and start to hear, perceive the universe in your own, unique way for yourself.

“There are people like you who can translate my words.  Who have learned to clear their heads of ceaseless thoughts and listen to me.  I have created people like you to translate my language: the sigh of the wind, the whisper of the trees, for others to dwell too in the love of God.
If there were no one to hear your translations you would be a lonely being.  As you are.  For you hoard the secrets I whisper to you and keep them to yourself.  I whisper to you, my translator, to translate not to store.  So call out now what you hear.  It is not only for your ears.  There are others out there too, who long to hear what I have to say.”




Early morning sunlight
bathing an early morning sea
in pale yellow
Pale blue water
tinged with golden light
no waves
just water
welling, swelling
up and down
in and out
round and round
Small motions
large motions

A lone seagull
glides across the surface
to catch breakfast
“And willingly I will return to thee”
the fish says
“to complete the cycle once again
Life – death – life

on an early morning mountain
Flowers awaken
and stretch their dewy heads
to the sun
to say hello
to another gorgeous day
And where are you?
In the city, hot and loud
and yet I am here too

Look for me
where ever you go
and you will find
what you have been missing
in the surprising places
where your brain tells you
there is no beauty
In the hot dust
in the fat people
in the old and infirm
in the sick, the unkind
the dirty, the angry
the poor, the mad
Start looking
will  yourself to look
want to find
and you will
and your world will shine
for you
And those who love you most
can stop reflecting  your insane beliefs
and become who they really  are

Start with you
Look, see, sense
pray to
and you will
And as your prayers are answered
so can others awaken
to your answering prayer
and the world
can be as one
of love



The grace of the creator
has the power
to redeem your spirit
to release the memories
from your cells

The grace of the creator
has the power
to renew you
to seep into your being

The grace of the creator
has the power
to bring about the change
you yearn for

Breathe in and out
give thanks
and let go



The River Salzach

I am flowing past you
I am moving past you
I seem to be moving
and yet I am standing still
The sun is shining
on my banks
Long shadows
in the evening light
“The river is wide today”
“The river is deep”
I am not just the water
I am an entity
Calm down
breathe in and out
Let the cogs slow down –
that never-ending wheel
lose momentum
It was a long day
just let it rest as it was
Let you be

Go home to rest
What is done is done
What has gone has gone
Calm down
You are as you are
as is everyone else
No more
No less
I am
You are


Study this carefully!


And now for a story:

Please note.   Sometimes the English in these stories  is a bit odd and repetitive but I have chosen to leave things as I took them down.  There is often a subtle reason for the ‘mistakes’ ! I am, afterall, only the translator.


Learning to Talk to the Animals


Once upon a time there were two children – a sister and brother – and  they lived together with their parents by the sea-shore in a small house of brick with white shutters at the windows which could be shut to keep out the strong winds that blew in from the sea.  There was a white fence all around the garden.  Not much grew there, just a few grasses and brave sea thrift but the sand would come in from the beach and form new beds every time the wind blew – which was very often.

The little girl and boy collected shells from the shore and would decorate the ever-changing sandy beds. They made sculptures out of driftwood and sometimes they would make a sea mermaid with long seaweed hair or a castle with a real drawbridge and turrets and windows.

Life by the sea was never boring and the children never tired of looking at the clouds which came scudding across the sky or watching the seagulls playing on the thermals and throwing themselves into the wind.  They collected crabs from the beach and had crab races and took their nets to the water to catch shrimps for tea.  Sometimes, if they were lucky, their friend the seal would come and swim by the shore and once they were really lucky and had swum with the seal – playing follow-my-leader in the waves.

One  amazing day a huge whale had come by and they saw the enormous tail like a strange bird rising up out of the water and splashing down again, churning the water to a white froth.  The little girl knew that whales can sing and she was sure that she heard tones from the whale in her ears.  Her brother said she was stupid but she didn’t let that bother her and knew she had heard something very special.  She longed to hear the song again and often she would go out to see if she could hear the strange, haunting melody but no matter how hard she strained her ears she heard no whale song.  The waves whispered to her as they rushed up on the pebbly part of the beach, the seagulls cawed, but no whale could be heard.

One day however, the little girl was alone at home.  Her father and brother had gone out fishing and mother was at work.  The little girl laid the table for tea with a red and white gingham tablecloth and some flowers from the fields beyond where the wind didn’t blow as strongly.  Then she went down to her favourite rock which was made just like an armchair only a bit harder and she sat and looked out to sea and wished.  “Oh dear”, she said. “I wish, oh how I wish I could hear the whale sing again” and she felt thoroughly cross that her wish didn’t come true.  She shut her eyes and wished – “I wish I wish I wish..,” “If you don’t stop wishing you won’t hear” said a voice at her feet.  The little girl jumped and looked round but there was no one there so she thought she had imagined it and carried on feeling cross. “And if you feel cross nothing nice will some of it.  You need to ‘feel’ that the whale is singing and not fill your head with grumpy ideas.”  The little girl was astounded.  The only living thing she could see was a crab sitting on a pebble that was nearly the same colour as himself.  He was cleaning the sand off of his pincers and his tiny, tentacle eye things moved around and looked at her quite sternly she thought.

“Excuse me” the girl asked.  “Did I hear you speak?” “Yup” said the crab. “I didn’t know you could talk” said the little girl.  “Well with all that chattering it’s no wonder – you couldn’t possibly hear for starters” said the crab.  “But as you heard the whale sing I guessed you could hear me talk too, so I tried and tried and voila! – here you are talking to me!”. “You speak French too!” the little girl was surprised.   “Only a bit” answered the crab, and although he was only a very small crab it seemed to the little girl that he was puffing out his chest to show he was quite proud of speaking French.

“Vous parlez Francais avec moi?” she asked.  The crab’s chest went down noticeably.  “You should listen to what I say, instead of trying to be clever” he retorted somewhat crabbily.  “Oh yes!  What is it you were saying?” she asked.

“I said,” said the crab “I said, you should stop being grumpy or your wishes won’t get answered.  And then empty your head of wishes and ‘poor little mes’ and too many other thoughts or you wont hear if there’s continual chatter going on in your head. That’s the problem with you people.  Thoughts chatter on and on in those heads of yours leaving no space for answers, but,” he added, not unkindly, “You can’t be that bad or you wouldn’t be able to hear me now.  You have potential.  But if you want to hear the whale sing you need to harness those thoughts.  Feel your wish come true and keep on harnessing those thoughts”.

“How do you mean ‘harness’?” the little girl inquired. “And what do you mean by ‘feel the wish come true’?”

“Harness your thoughts means practice, practice watching your thoughts every day.  Learn to listen to yourself thinking and say STOP each time silly or repetitive thoughts fill your head.”
“That’s easier said than done” the little girl sighed.

“I know but it’s worth it and you are young – you are doing it now or you wouldn’t be able to hear me.  Ask the big conker tree up on the hill to help you.”

“Sorry, what?!” she asked.

“The tree up there – he knows how to help you – just ask him and he’ll help.  And as to feeling your wishes, don’t keep saying ‘I wish, I wish’ and go all grumpy because your wish isn’t fulfilled, but put yourself into the feeling of what it is like to hear the whale sing.  Feel your heart jump for joy, feel the tones call to the memories in your body.  Smile and know you are hearing and you will”.

It sounded a bit odd to the little girl, but then so was talking to a crab, so she thought she’d try it.  She let her mind wander to the tree on the hill where in autumn she would gather conkers with her brother.  Now it was late spring time and she knew it was covered with white, funny candle-like flowers.  Quite suddenly the little voice which was telling her she was mad to talk to a crab, that the crab was silly and couldn’t speak French, that the whale would never come … quite suddenly the voice ceased.  Then the little girl wished “I wish I can hear the whale sing.” “Good!” said the crab “Can is better than could – coulds don’t happen so easily.  Now go on – feel!”
And the little girl let herself imagine the whale was out there singing to her.  She imagined with her heart, she imagined with her hands and clapped with joy, she imagined with her mouth and smiled.  She pretended she was laughing and her heart was turning over like the last time she and heard the whale and that her ears were hearing.

And then slowly, majestically, out at sea she saw a huge shape appearing.  Silently, slowly, up out of the gentle waves there appeared an enormous tail – once, twice, thrice.  The little girl smiled and clapped her hands and then there came a sound to her ears that was sweet and haunting and moved her heart, just like she had imagined only much more so and she listened to the song of the whale.

“There!” said the crab when it was over “What do you think of that?!”

“Oh, thank you!” cried the little girl.
“Next time it won’t be so easy” said the crab.  “ I was right by you helping but practice your harnessing and you will start hearing things you never dreamed of.  Watch your breathing, don’t forget to breathe! And watch those thoughts: silly thoughts, nasty thoughts, ceaseless worries – learn to discern which thoughts have a point and need to be responded to and which are out of place, bad or just simply silly.”
Somehow the little girl was quite terribly moved – the whale song, the sight of the enormous beast on the sunlit water and these warm, friendly words of advice.  She thanked the crab again and again quite profusely.  “I would hug you if I could” she cried and the crab looked quite chuffed.  “Now run along and keep practicing” he said.

Later when the little boy had come back from fishing his sister told him all about it – she could tell he didn’t quite believe her but was jealous at the same time-he would have loved to hear the whale too.

“I don’t think there is much point in being jealous” said the little girl.  “Wish too… let’s practice”.  And they sat by the sea shore and practiced and practiced harnessing their thoughts and feeling their wishes. And lo and behold one day, not long after, the whale came again and sang to both of them and touched them deep down in their hearts and somewhere beyond.  And the little girl and boy learned to hear.

The following information is from the internet to give you an idea of how, intuitively, I heard the perfect message!

Sea Thrift –  Armeria maritima     seathriftwm

Helps balance the energy centers.   Effective for treatment of pain and loss of hope. For central nervous system.

 It is great for people whose psychic gifts are developing, but who need this development to be strongly “earthed”.

 Adult trees need  firm roots, so we need to be strongly rooted in daily life before it is safe to open up to other aspects of reality.

Helpful to those who work as healers or teachers and who find that they tend to take on the symptoms of their clients.

Stabilises the flows of energy between the 3rd eye and Root chakras.

See more at  http://baileyessences.com/shop/thrift/#sthash.81xXNDqG.dpuf

White Chestnut …is for unwanted, repetitive thoughts and mental arguments, concentration.

Helps us think straight. Be calm and rational.

If Seal has come swimming into your life;

It’s time to pay close attention to your imagination and insight. Creativity.  Live your dreams.

Seal helps you hear your inner voice. Integration of imagination with the reasoning power of the intellect. Balance and harmony on all levels.

If Seagull has flown across your path;  IMG_20150623_104515

It’s time to take a different perspective on things. See the drama from above and look through your own emotional boundaries so that you can find creative new ways to move forward.

Alternatively there is a reason for everything reassess your life. Tidy those messes up.

Trust your instincts.

Crab – watery! Helps you to feel to the depths of your soul. Sometimes a sideways approach is necessary. Shift your focus to what is all around you because your inner senses are trying to guide you through an easier

Whale:  Inner awakening, creation, movement, family, reaching within or outside,  be strong and move swiftly. Whale shows how to dive deep to awaken your creativity, imagination and intuition.