My name is Nicola Jane Offner and  I was born in Leicester, England. I am English at heart but  have had the wonderful privilege of living in one of the most beautiful places on earth – in Salzburg, Austria – for more than 35 years now.

I spend most of my time out in nature, writing, painting, playing the guitar and singing my own songs. I also like fast cars, trouble shooting and solving riddles. I have an English sense of nature and also of humour.

A series of accidents and life circumstances forced me to start using my latent gifts to heal myself, with help from others,  ‘from’ so-called PTSD, head and neck injuries and more recently Lyme’s disease. I have trained as  an ‘energy practitioner’ here in Austria and used methods such as plant and stone essences, kinesology, brain gym, meditation, energy work, the Emotion Code, work on the inner child, breathing techniques, my own music, brain training tricks  and TRE … to heal
but perhaps most important of all I started to write poetry and fairytales, paint and sing to heal my inner child and found myself conversing with nature and its spirits and the Creator.

It is my purpose to help others in their transformation process, help find their  (re)connection, develop their senses, self healing abilities and find peace – to waken up from the nightmare/illusion and start enjoying life. “Become like the children”.


I have spent many years working on myself, remembering my childhood gifts and  how to reconnect clearly with nature. Nature can offer us incredible support in so many areas of life and we are, it assures me, rather missing the point if we try to “go it alone” . By interacting with the spirits, guiding our brains and hearts to connect  with them and becoming more aware of the sentience of our surroundings we can far more easily step into the new dimension and they too!

My Visions:


Firstly to help others go through the transformation process happening here on earth using my talents and experience from my own bumpy ride.

  •  To help people to become aware, for themselves and for the good of the children and the earth, of the fact that we live here in an enormous, sentient garden – we are surrounded by conscious beings. By telling our children they do not ‘see and hear things’ because we do not creates havoc in their minds; the consequences of which are appalling.
  • A travelling ‘art’ exhibition of my work inviting the visitor to learn to interact with and discover their own nature using all the senses.
  • Get my CD ‘out there’
  • finish my novel.
  • I also have a dream of one day helping to replant a circle of trees around Damascus in Syria.  Before the war there was a green belt of almond, apricot and cherry trees round three sides of the city which acted as a lung and much more for everyone.  It no longer exists physically. If you would like to support me in this vision I’d love to hear from you.
  • Find people from the medical profession who are open for alternative healing methods and with whom I can share my experiences and know-how gained from my interaction with nature.  Especially with a view to Lyme’s Disease and pain release. 
  • Sing more, dance more, dive into new, as yet by me still undiscovered, forms of creation.

Standing here as I am on the brink of a new understanding I am excited and awed at the possibilities opening up to all of us. We are all (humans and others!) walking eachother home and I would like to offer you my humble dwelling, this homepage, as a resting stop along the way where you can rest, tank, receive information and have fun before you move on your way.

Website Token of Gratitude

I love getting  comments or a ‘likes’ – they are a way of helping us to keep up the flow. And, if you wish to donate, I would sincerely appreciate an expression of your gratitude if what I have offered here is of help to you. I have a list of ‘special sites’ that have supported me unwittingly over the years and I enjoy passing some of the money on!

There is so much out there on the www ‘for free’ nowadays with millions of dedicated people behind those sites – sometimes it is easy to forget that. Perhaps you would like to go to one of your favourite sites now and give thanks; showing and receiving gratitude is such a profound experience!

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