My pictures help to elevate your perception to a different sphere. The combination of symbols, colours, forms and energies is highly complex and triggers innate knowledge and self-healing processes.

Pictures for the Soul

I paint pictures for the general public (which you can soon purchase as downloads for your own use from this site).

I can also paint your own, personal picture.

Why  choose this unique method?

There are four types of ‘soul’ pictures that I paint

1 “Guardians”   I can bring the energy of your benevolent guides to paper


– there is a world of loving beings out there just waiting to help you become the person you really are.  I translate their messages and/or energy onto paper and can open up the door for you, for example, to learn how to interact with them in your own particular way  providing you with a unique form of inspiration and guidance to support you on your own personal path.

2  “Highlights” – Personal support pictures.


You can commisson me to paint a picture to, for example, highlight your potential or support you at your place of your work. You will find yourself connecting with your higher self, other guides, becoming increasingly centred and calm by meditating/regarding such a picture. They can help inspire and guide you in your work or at home.

3 “feng shui” pictures

I paint these especially for rooms or practices.  They have an energising and at the same time calming effect on their surroundings taking into account the energies present and, if necessary, those who work or spend time in the room.

4 “Process Pictures”

If you decide to commission me for such a soul picture it can, amongst other things, act as a catalyst for change to transcend belief systems and/or be beneficial to the resolving of physical and emotional projects or  family matters. These pictures speak to you on a subconcious level thereby supporting you in your personal development .

Normally your picture comes with a text, poem and/or direct advice from Spirit but as I connect with your guides and simply act as a translator I cannot influence this!

Personal pictures (normally 40/40cm pastel on paper) – from €180 for process pictures, from €320 for “Highlights” and “Feng Shui” pictures. “Guardian” pictures are highly energetic and are from €420. Final prices depend on the work involved. Negotiable –  feel free to ask if you need to!
Please send me an email and respectively we can arrange a telephone or Skype call free of charge. In this conversation I will ask a few questions so as to connect with your higher self and clarify details.

Pictures will be sent to you registered by post.

Please note: My work is supplementary but does not replace medical advice and I will require you to have visited a doctor of your choice should you be ill in any way before I work with you.

Website Token of Gratitude  Should you be in a financially tricky position  I am dearly happy to put my work out here for free for you. A comment or a ‘like’ would cheer me and would be a way of helping us keep the flow going. And, if you are better off,  I would sincerely appreciate an expression of your gratitude if what I have offered here is of help to you!

I have a list of ‘special sites’ that have supported me unwittingly over the years and I enjoy passing some of the money on!

There is so much out there on the www ‘for free’ nowadays with millions of dedicated people behind those sites. Showing and receiving gratitude is a profoundly  rewarding experience.

Thank you.

Nicola Jane Offner, ‘Website – Token of Gratitude’ IBAN:  AT35 6000 0000 8132 0053  BIC:  BAWAATWW









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