When You Are at Peace

One of my favourite poems to share with you:
When you are at peace
with the silence that surrounds you
When you are at peace
with the noise of life
When you succumb
to the tension
and give it all up
to the Spirit within
Then … then
I will come to you
Can I come to you
and show you the door
to your sanctuary
I cannot push
I cannot offer
I can only be
And when you only ‘are’
and accept what is
Then … can the space around you
e x p a n d
and let in what you have been looking for
When… you cease your searching
When… you cease your wanting
When… you say yes to now
and give it up to me.
There comes a point in life
when the burdens may be washed
from you
Breathe, feel and know:
my arms are open wide to you
in the vast expanse
of me
Breathe, and you can follow
Breathe, and you can sense
Breathe, and you can release
into the night of your existence
all that no longer serves
And willingly will I take it from thee
for you to return to me.
Sit silent now in the stillness
and open to the expanse
the infinite
the infinity of me