I am the planets
moon and sky
I am birds awake
on distant shores
I am the light
in your eye
I am the breath of wind
that strokes your hair
I am

I am the words that form
on the paper as you write
I am the stars
who come out at night
I am the wings
of a butterfly
Aren’t I 

I am eternity
steeped in space
I am the heart
of the human race
I am the gaps
between the stones
I am the essence
of your bones
I am 

Creator, be-er
loved one, seer
There is no where
where I am not
no sound I do not carry
no heart I do not beat
no candle I do not flicker
no thought I do not meet 

I am every where
every one
every bird
every song
I am the essence of your life
you son, your man
your wife.

locked up in your head
forming words
proclaim me dead
Worries form
hate and fear –
yet I am near

Bow your head
to the me in you
breathe the air
I am
Touch yourself
with a loving hand
caress the self
I am 

Breathe in and out
in and out
and let your heart
be felt  –
it is the heart
of the universe
listen to its beat 

Waves wash on distant shores
Time does not exist
in this moment
there is you, me
the uni-verse
One song