A Message from the Earth


I wrote this in the night when Hurricane Irma was threatening the USA and I did not dare post it for reasons I can no longer really follow! There is a typhoon approaching Japan at the moment and I was nudged into remembering that I had written something.  So here it now is.

A Message from the Earth

I am so, so angry
In the wake of my storm
I leave devastation behind
Souls crying out into the night
Despair, grief, exhaustion
Cries of ‘I cannot go on
in this way.’

But I?
I cry too
I have been crying out for so long
I, too, cannot go on in this way
if you, my children
are to survive.
I blow storms
across my surface
Your home
My anger sweeps
across and through you
We are a living entity
We are one
And yet you are killing me
cutting yourself from the source
that nurtures you
gives you the air you breathe
the ground upon which to walk

If you are touched
by what is going on
Where does YOUR responsibility lie?
You have felt
now react
as you live your life today
Respect, honour, love
obey the rules of life
support me
on every step
no matter how uncomfortable
for I can sustain you
no longer
if you do not heed this call
And if you hear it
take responsibility
Look into your heart, your mind
your actions, your goals
and adjust accordingly.
Where do you live
for your own gains?
Where do you contribute
to the dis-balance in this world?
In your thoughts
your minds
your deeds?
Where, where, might your behaviour
have been bellows
to my winds?
Please take responsibility
Please feel behind these words
Please contemplate your actions
Please realise
you are part of a whole
where every component counts

You could, can be
the one cell
that tips the consciousness
exceeds the critical mass
or undermines it
for the world to awaken
to love

How long does the suffering have to last?
How deep does it have to go
for you to realise
YOU are part of it all
Love, share, watch your greed
Would you steal the food
from your child’s plate
to fill your already full belly?
I think not
not if you knew
you realised

As you feel, see
the devastation
see it as part of you
Embrace yourself
lovingly, compassionately
Pledge to be there for yourself
to ultimately be there for others
And this storm will not have been in vain
nor the lives left
If you are to return to you
to me
and we can breathe together
as one.

Please do not laugh nor sneer at these words.  They come from the heart of someone who woke in the dead of the night to pray and ask what she can do and I have dictated to her.  They are not her thoughts she has written  my message to you.

Breathe, feel the love exploding in your heart, let your compassion be the E–motion for you all to move into a better space.

My personal comment: whilst many of us have cottoned on to the power of our minds and manifestation and to the fact that this is all an illusion, we are still here on Earth ‘playing the game’ so please remember to add a clause when you are creating your reality: “If it is for the highest good of all.”
Unwittingly we can take, for example, a parking space from someone whose needs are greater than ours, perhaps someone who cannot walk, whilst we could do with some exercise.

“I am at the right place, at the right time, with the right people, saying the right thing!!”