Evening!   Work it out, let it sink in and then try to feel what is meant. As always with my poetry please create a picture in your mind. Somehow watching the sunrise video helps.

When the light from the rising sun
comes over the horizon
to bathe the world
in that first,
pristine ray
that highlights,
a point
on the surface
of this planet,
so comes with it
the message
for the dawning day.

This world
this Earth
is not ‘just’ flowers
and bees and butterflies
It is light
It is stone
It is information
resonating at frequencies
we are not all, as yet
attuned to.
Sounds, vibrations
knowledge, love
Clear cut,
alignment with source
molecular details
aligning with the divine

Do not think in 2D
E x p a n d  your capacity
3D plus the senses is 4D
and then step into beyond

Take the unknown factor;
the dimension
of universal love –
as unfathomable,
as it may seem

and imagine that spark
of the early morning sunlight
a forgotten dimension
in the reality
of the matter around you

and step into the space
created in your vision

You are light
You are frequencies unseen
You are energy
You are consciousness
You are beauty
You feel hate
You are love
You are life
You are nestling
between and in the leaves
You are source
You are matter
You resonate with beyond

E x p a n d
Extend those horizons
to unseen galaxies
where source also lies
and connect

E x p a n d
into the vast landscape
that you are

How ignorant to assume
we are the only life forms
on the only sustainable planet
Don’t you believe it!
Seeing is believing
But you cannot
as yet see.

( I’m afraid my technical know-how doesn’t extend to music on this and it’s a bit wobbly but the almost perfect sunrise for this poem, especially if you watch all 86 seconds! …)

And what promises did
the day make you
that you forgot
in the hustle and bustle
of the busy, busy world today?
When the cycle is complete
and the sun lays herself to rest
ride on the ray
back to the source
of warmth, of light
and sleep well
in the knowledge
that tomorrow is another day
another chance
another illusion
in this glorious dance