Are You a Ladybird?

An excerpt from “Writing in the Moment” last week. Maybe you’d like to read it and try the exercise yourself.  What heartspace comes to your mind? Does a story evolve? What does the space look like? Just sit in there a bit, breathe consciously and day dream …

Happy Sunday!

I decide it is really high time to get into my heart space once more so I imagine my heart and see a room in it.  I put my hand on my breast to make the exercise easier and make physical contact with my heart and lo and behold  I see a gilt picture frame on the wall of the room.  The picture is one of a vase of dahlias some of which have dropped a few petals.  I see myself standing in the picture by the dark wood table on which the vase is standing.  A little, yellow insect with long feelers peeps out of a plant head and a ladybird is walking round the edge of the table – in a hurry so it seems – it gets to the corner, turns and hurries along the next table edge.
“In a hurry in a hurry” it is murmuring to itself, “I must go I must go I must fly I must fly but I can’t I can’t I have to talk round this table edge forever till I drop dead and die I must hurry I must hurry no time for punctuation.
“ Hello little ladybird, why are you in such a hurry?” I ask.
The ladybird hardly pauses “You talking to me?” It says vaguely crossly “Don’t disturb me don’t disturb  me can’t you see I’m in a hurry?”
“But where are you going?”
“Going? Round the edge of the table of course.  Can’t you see? Talk about asking the obvious!”
“But you keep covering the same ground” I point out.
“YOU,” says the ladybird sternly, slowing down a bit “have no idea.  I go round and round, sometimes clockwise, sometimes anticlockwise. I get a different perspective on things then, you see and the flowers in the vase change occasionally.  I hide when someone comes in the room and then carry on.  That is my destiny. Do not question what I am doing – that’s not polite.” It sounds quite angry.  “You know what you want” the ladybird continues quite nastily “You want something better to do with your life rather than coming and criticising me.”
“Whoa!” I say “I merely asked where you were going!”
“Impertinence! I hate you!” The ladybird says angrily and falls off the edge of the table onto its back on the floor below, legs all tucked in.
“Oh dear, I didn’t want that to happen” I say and bend down, get a piece of paper from my pocket, scoop the ladybird up and put it back on the table next to the flower petals, feet down.
“I s’pose you expect me to be grateful,” the ladybird says “Well I’m not.  It was your fault in the first place”.
“It’s not my fault if you get so irate when I push your buttons” I reply
“Is!”… I decide not to join in.
“Mind my saying something?” the yellow creepy crawly beetle thing peers down from the dahlias above and I suddenly realise I am the ladybird!
“What?” I say grumpily.
“You could with a change of perspective”  the beetly thing says “Try flying up here! The view is gorgeous!”
“I can’t fly” I say,
“You are a ladybird” the beetle replies “use your wings and fly girl.”
Point to ponder: Is it time for you to spread your wings and change to a higher perspective?

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