The Pink Lady in You

You can take flower essences which help all manner of negative traits. They also bring out positive sides in you. A lot of healing doesn’t have to be done on your own- the whole idea is we open up to nature in its many forms and LET IT HELP. Ask and it will, give thanks and it will be more willing. Here’s what the lilies I bought told me:


We open up a space for you
to be yourself in
Whether man
or woman
your femininity
wishes to be reborn
in the old sense of the word
Wild, dashing
ecstatic, glorious
fun, loving
caring, nurturing
giving – yes
and receiving
loud, vibrant

Each to their own
and more
Again, as always
this comes from the heart
It is not a cry
from a mournful soul
who thinks it should be
but a natural resource
that wells up
from the roots
of your being
You do not have
to ‘think’ about it
– open up
and be!

But how?
With us
We create the space
in which you can dance
We and others like us
We lift you
out of the quagmire
of guilt and shame
and long overdue beliefs
We, we, we
Try it on your own
and you are destined
to fall
into the traps of
your already
enslaved mind
It needs a
“Yes, please! Help!”
A willingness

That’s all.