Transform and Become Creative

Happy New Year!


I don’t know about you but I haven’t been feeling wildly fit since Christmas but as you know I see illness as a chance and have been busy when not sleeping it off.

Up to the 10th of January it is a particularly good time to transform old fears and beliefs that are holding you back from your creativity in the deepest sense of the word.

We are literally being bombarded with energy to support us. I have been talking to plants, birds and listening in on the cosmic energies, as I call them, have written reams and painted too.  There are more pictures to come but here are some, I hope they help you if you are feeling in need of support in any way. Added are links to sites telling you about the sentient beings mentioned and their messages, contact them yourself via my pictures/otherwise or google them if you like.


It takes a lot of courage to look at your fears, Christmas Rose who I introduced you to last time has been busy with me! And my Christmas tree told me last night that it was “born to live and die” for me which I find terribly romantic!!  🙂 Parrot flew into my life and I did a lot of creative writing with it, plus owl and flamingo – well, I went to the zoo and avoided the flamingos like mad because they smelt awful – or their pond did – but my inner child pointed out I had been avoiding something pink! So I started painting and up they popped.  It is such fun when you start talking to your inner child, do try it if you haven’t already started – Christmas Rose will give you the courage to do so.


I was also plagued by pain over the last month, a cause for which could not be found medically.  Transformation! In the last few days I managed to relieve myself more or less of this, if you are interested in how let me know.

A few key words:

Flamingo: heart chakra, helps emotions, positivity, feminine, phoenix

Uranus is interesting at the moment. Try adding a bit more technology to your life if you don’t use it much as yet. Be creative with it!! Uranus rules creativity!

Strawberry: healing the inner child ( our creative aspect) abuse

Christmas Rose gives you the courage to face what is holding you back, for new beginnings…

Parrot: chatters on at you and copies you ie speaks out your inner beliefs – why not try writing a conversation between you and a parrot… mine was revealing!

Pig : Happy New Year! Here in Austria pigs are a sign of good luck and are given as talismen at New Year. Abundance, luck, grounding… hoho – in retrospect I think the guy above is a wild boar: helps you face your fears… and stop procrastinating 🙂

Red dead nettle… still to be painted… I found her just earlier flowering bravely mid Jan! for the 2nd chakra ; sexuality and creativity, grounding

Yarrow pink: cleansing past wounds, root and heart chakra, grounding (picture coming)

A general theme seemed to arise: creativity is energy, the same energy as our sexual energy/kundalini/chi… As a personal and collective theme this obviously needs healing and looking at for you to become creative and to realise your projects you need to be grounded. ‘Creative’ applies not just to the normal arts you can be creative about pretty much anything!

Meditate with these pictures and ask to connect for support in transforming this essential aspect of your life. Draw! Write! Sing! Dance sensually with the spirits, surprise yourself and support your healing process!