The Joys of Talking With Plants

I have lots of funny stories to tell about talking to plants. Here is the latest:

This morning I finally got round to buying a Christmas Rose. Got her home and introduced her to the other plants in my flat and told her how lovely she was. Then I asked her what we could do…pause… return question:

“Is this place always in such a mess?” with a slightly fascinated, appalled (?) undertone…

I googled her and amongst other things she gives us the courage to change old ways and prepare ourselves for a new world.

Hohoho, this plant means business!!

She has now been banned between the two windows (it is cooler there and I am sure she will like it better) though apparently “that won’t help you to not hear me” she shouts through the glass …  she seems to be very effective … as I am tidying up… what fun and how awesome if she can help me. 🙂