Heal Thyself


I paint energetic pictures of plants.To understand more of what I am saying maybe you need to look at my website first!

Let me introduce you:

1 Fuschia, 5 Ivy, 6 Albatross, Mica and Seaweed, 7 Oak, 8 Fairies, 9 Honeysuckle, 10 Marigold

Here they are in mini format. If you would like to see them larger please let me know.

If you already have experience in meditating try doing so infront of these pics and just let them work on your subconscious. If not just relax, breathe steadily and look at them …

The plants can all help you heal your inner child and transform the grief in you. And what better time of year to post them than now at Samhain, All Saints All Souls along with instructions on.



1 When you notice that the pain of missing someone whether dead or alive is there put your hand on your heart

2 FEEL the physical pain (take time), send the loved one silent greetings and

3 open up to the greatness of their and your true being

4 don’t start suffering but feel, accept and breathe into this eternity …  …  …

5 stamp a few times on the floor and carry on in the Moment until the next time then repeat 1-5

I read this week that our Higher Self is too great, too powerful to materialise on Earth, instead small parts descend – like us. When we die we return to the Great Soul, Higher Self.  It makes a lovely picture when you shut your eyes and think of it!

If  you would care to spend the time open up to the sadness within you and give her the space she needs, look at the pictures, ask their Spirits to help and simply sit in silence with them all for a while. I am sure something very special will be sparked off.


heal thyself sketches