About insomnia

Healing your inner children is in my opinion a brilliant way to sort one’s life out.  That is what my stories are all about. I, the adult Nick, not only invite you to start listening to nature but you have inner children in you who are already connected to it and are very wise.  Try let this aspect in you write a poem or story, she/he/they might surprise you!

Last night as I was battling inwardly with going to sleep  my inner child wrote these poems with me.  I was surprised at her vocab. but in retrospect I know she can surprise me with a lot of things.
Fact is, I now get her point and shall endeavor to set my intention for the following day before I go to bed  (I tend to do it in the mornings) and remember to put aside the worries and impressions of the day now gone – to wipe the slate clean so to speak.
Also a healthy procedure if you have no sleeping problems.

No Monsters under the Bed

is a term that describes
the absence
of light
and yet
how do cats
see in the dark?
when circumnavigating
treacherous times
you are really avoiding
shining a light
shedding light
on something
as yet not seen
and the monsters
under the bed
can turn out to be
your teddy
who fell out of bed
in the night
The Point of Prayers

When I awoke yesterday morning
a funny dream
followed me into the day
and I was most confused
for I had awoken
to already having eaten breakfast
having had a shower
and got dressed
and yet I was still in my nightie
and hungry – so my tummy said
That  is what dreaming does to you
when the time lines slip
Better to wish before you go to sleep
to wake up
at the right station
for yet another glorious day
in sync
with the very best of things
or you might find yourself
going out with your pyjamas on.

My Best Friend

I have a friend
who is very soft and cuddly20171109_093340_0011.jpg
He used to be white
but now he has a grey
air about him
I think grey fur
is distinguishing
and it cheers him up no end
to be called distinguished

If you would care to shut your eyes
and go to sleep now
we can go on an adventure
to the moon and back before it’s light.
But if you will insist on controlling everything
and keeping awake
you will find your reality becoming a grumpy one
as opposed to a fantastical one –
I know which I would prefer
now we have shed the light on
our distinguished friend.

Tips: Amethyst, selenite, quartz – all cleaned and under your pillow.