• A Solstice Message.
    This is chapter of my book that l wrote 2 years ago facebook just reminded me of it! I would like to share it again.

    “I would like to tell you a story” the man began. “Please listen and heed its message with your heart, your mind, with your soul and let the music of the words weave pictures and create spaces within and about you. Breathe and fill the spaces with the spark of light and love.

    On the darkest night, somewhere on the Northern hemisphere, a child awoke to a star shining in through the window of its bedroom. The star had found the crack between the two curtains and sent a silvery ray of light right through it onto the face of the sleeping child who then awoke and wondered at the quality of the light and the sound which seemed to be filling its ears. It was the sound of music, but music so strange that it did not seem earthly to it. The child shut its eyes again to concentrate on the music which did not seem to be coming in through its ears but appeared to come from within its head, or no, from deeper than that – much deeper. The child strained its ears and the music stopped, it relaxed and the music started again.
    “Little star, that I am, shining bright in the night, I bring a message unto you” the child heard the words in its head. “Little child that you are, may all your wishes come true.” The voice smiled gently.
    The child peeped at the star again, the ray of light had moved very slightly as it came through the curtains and, as the child moved its head, the ray shone on the wall next to the bed and there the child saw a tiny moth sitting quite still, with intricate patterns on its silver-grey wings and feelers so fine and delicate they were like the whisp of a spider’s thread.
    “Good evening” the child heard “I have a message for you.” “A message?” The child was surprised; this moth also seemed to be talking to it. “Yes, a message from a far off place, from deep within the depths of your being. For you do not end here within the confines of your body. Your wisdom stretches to the stars and beyond if you would care to listen. This is the darkest, longest night. A moment when the earth seemingly stands still – a moment when you can come to a pin prick point of inner reflection before you turn to the light again. You can ask to let go of all your old worries and out of date ideas, you can ask the earth to take them and transpose them into love. You can while a while and ponder this moment of complete and utter darkness, of stillness and of quiet and rest and peace. Savour it, savour it within your heart”.
    And the child breathed and imagined letting go of things it no longer needed. Maybe too of things it didn’t even know about. It imagined them as a cloak, falling off and sinking to the ground, which then melted as if molten moonlight and seeped into nothing at its feet. The child felt a stillness and peace that extended far beyond the confines of its mind, far beyond the cells of its body – a stillness so deep and profound. And then it perceived a pin prick of light within its heart; a pin prick so tiny and yet so clear and evident.
    The point of light seemed to be saying something: “I am the light. I am the light of love. The earth had reached the point of no return. The darkness and destruction had reached its culmination. But now, now I am here. A seed within your heart. You have waited long for me and now I am here. But not in a prophet, not in one child but in you and your brother and sister, in all who are around you. I am the light of love and when the going gets tough, know within the depths of your being that I am here; I am here, as I am in every, yes! every one of you.
    On the other side of the world the day is bright. The sun is shining long and casting warmth and light on the earth and bathing it in a glow of love. There cannot be the darkest night without the warmest, brightest day – they go hand in hand. Take this turning point and honour it, it is a moment when the seed for change is planted and yonder star…” the child got up and drew back the curtain for the star had moved again, “…yonder star knows of secrets, it sees the greater picture of mankind from its view point. Do not panic, do not fear, the seed of love is within all of your hearts. The light of a new dawn has been kindled into being and though storms may rage, bombs fall and battles be fought, know, know, know deep within your heart, that a better day is on its way – to all intents and purposes it is here, it is here.

    Do not look at the devastation without the light of love shining in your heart. You can visualise your heart opening and letting the light shine on the situations. Let me shine forth and bathe the scenes that open up before you with compassion and love. A gentle, gentle light of warm sun, of silvery moon, of shining star. Open up your heart and let the light shine. It does not need thought to accompany it, just gentle, gentle light”.

    The moth rose from the wall and flew to the window, the child opened it and as the fresh air came in the moth disappeared on the star’s ray of light and into the longest night. Elsewhere another child opened the window to its room and saw outside the dense fog of a winter’s night. It too, could hear music but it saw no star. The child the moth had visited sensed this and it opened up its heart and shone the light on the fog and slowly the fog lifted. Church bells rang out into the night proclaming the dawn of a new day. “Time to wake up sleepy head!” They seemed to say “A new day is dawning!”. And through the fog the light came and sparked off the light of the child in the city.
    “There is no one, no one, that you will ever meet, who does not carry the light within them”. The children heard. “No matter how evil, sad or distraught they may seem. And even though emotions may rage and words thunder through the air, remember to open your heart and see the light come through”.
    The children shut their windows and returned to their warm beds and somewhere, on the other side of the world, a child was laughing and splashing in a pool of water at the base of a waterfall and the sunlight sent rainbows scudding across the water in the wind of the falling spray. The light of the three children connected and the wise ones who dwelt in the spirits of the animals and within the trees and flowers rejoiced. The new day had dawned and was in full glow and the people on earth, unbeknownst to many of them, were now light bulbs, shining into the darkness of their own constructs to shed a new light on the world.
    And the babies in their cradles smiled for they knew – they had not forgotten or got caught up in consumerism or wanting more – they knew that their world was now a better place and it was safe now, safe for them to grow.

    Do not give up your dreams and hopes to the destruction of the world around you. Give the light space and centre on the goodness. Do not feed the fear; feed the love, the light. Open your heart and let your little light shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.”

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